We’re always looking for eligible volunteers to join our Platoon! Here are some FAQ about joining Battlin’ Batties:

📆What’s the minimum time commitment?

4 events and/or 20 volunteer hours per year. Non-event hours vary and can be completed by doing things like HERO interviews, researching possible events for us to attend, prepping for events we’re hosting, etc.

👗Do I have to buy my own dresses?

Yes, but they can be inexpensive. Most of our dresses are under $20 and we’ll help you find them! All you need is one or two dresses to start and you’re set.

👖What if I don’t want to dress up at all?

We can always use photographers, administrative help, event volunteers/donations, etc. Contact us for more info!

👩‍🦰Can someone teach me to do my hair?

Absolutely! We can point you in the direction of some good tutorials or get together and show you personally. We can even do it for you the first time if you need that!

💰Is there a fee to join?

Not at this time!

🎖Do you have to be a veteran, married to a vet or affiliated with the military to join? Absolutely not! You just need to be a patriotic gal!

🛣What if I don’t live in my states major metropolitan area?

We attend events in all different areas and you just come to the events that work for you. We attend events on weekends, weekdays, daytime, nighttime. As long as you attend an event within your first couple months of joining and come to at least four per year, you do what fits your schedule and driving distance comfort level!

👵Is there an age limit?

You have to be 18 or older! That’s it!

🏃‍♀️What if I want to do more than the minimum?

We have platoon members who like to be super involved and it’s fabulous! If you want to attend every single event, head up special projects and take on more responsibility, we definitely have a place for you too!

Download and complete the application. Once completed email to info@balltinbetties.org with 3 photos of yourself.